WhatsApp marketing software

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Supercharge your marketing efforts with our powerful WhatsApp marketing software. Unlock the potential of direct and personalized communication with your audience, reach a wide user base, and achieve higher engagement rates. Seamlessly manage and automate your WhatsApp campaigns to drive business growth and boost customer interactions.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Features:

• WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to send messages to your 1000s of
• WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to send messages with:
✓ Images & Videos
✓ PDF & Documents
• Send 1000’s Of WhatsApp messages to all contacts including contacts
not saved in your address book.
• Send Images & Videos, Shoot your messages in any format such as text,
images, videos, audios and vCard files.
• Import Multiple Contacts details from Excel, CSV, TXT files or by copying
and pasting
• Grab Contacts from WhatsApp Groups, Fast sending mode, Schedule
Sending & Numbers Filter.
• Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts
• Sending Reports
• Regular Free Auto Updates


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